So You Want To Be An Event Planner?

So You Want To Be An Event Planner?

Choosing a career path is one of the most difficult decisions in your adult life but finding a career that feels like FUN versus work is very rare.

I often hear from students and young adults BUT I WANT TO BE AN EVENT PLANNER!


Being an event planner is so much more than what you see on the outside.  I explain to curious people all the time…



There are several questions I ask individuals who interview with me to help them determine if hospitality is right for them:

When at a restaurant, do you become uneasy if the table next to you waits too long for their meal?

Do you rush to open the door for a struggling mother pushing a stroller while also  fighting a toddler at the same time?

 Is it uncomfortable for you to  watch a couple on a  first date that is CLEARLY not going well?

 Do you offer to return the empty shopping cart for an elderly couple who might need assistance?

For some, these situations never present themselves because one simply doesn’t LOOK at the world with hospitality eyes.  That is not bad thing, it just indicates that perhaps the field of hospitality isn’t a natural fit.  I always schedule interviews or mentoring meetings in a public setting.  During these meetings, I ask them to look around and tell me what situations they have observed during our time together.  It’s often surprising that many have not paid attention to the others around them.  I instruct them to take a few minutes and be observant.  This exercise often opens their eyes and hearts to the world of hospitality.  It is at that time that I ask them how these situations (good and bad) made them feel… what is their reaction?  This simple lesson is a gateway to discussing their natural aptitude in hospitality.  


All careers require talents or gifts.  From accountants to lawyers to teachers and ministers….they all have a natural aptitude in their field.  The field of hospitality is the same.  These types of gifts can rarely be TAUGHT, they are a true blessing that should be nurtured and developed under the correct leader.  

If you currently DREAM of being an event planner…and I mean you want to WEAR that inner ear walkie talkie device and give orders in a hushed voice while walking over 12,000 steps in high heels, eat someone’s leftovers from their meal because you realized you haven’t had a bite in 10 hours, change out of your set up clothes into a formal dress in a broom closet BUT love every minute of it?  Guess what……YOU WANT TO BE AN EVENT PLANNER!  




-Amy Bates

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